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A program designed by Delane's Natural Nail Care (DNNC) to help, primarily low income women with children, to obtain their manicure license, earn a living wage, and receive social skill training to improve the quality of their lives and that of their children.

YELP Loves Us! DNNC is 5 Star Rated!

"I LOVE THIS PLACE! I finally found a place that was clean and relaxing. This was so different from other places I've been to. First off, they are a part of the CA healthy nail salon collaborative so there are certain standards they follow that are not only good for the employees, but also the customer. Everyone I met here was extremely nice and welcoming. Other places have cut my cuticles and these ladies are very meticulous and gentle. The private rooms make the whole experience more relaxing than your standard nail place. There were a few times I was falling asleep. I can't wait to go back!" - Krystal K.

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Our specialty is natural nail care, manicures and pedicures. We want to ensure that your nails, hands and feet are as healthy as possible. Because of this, we offer a unique service which has a more medical focus. Our services provide remedies for nail fungus, cracked and callus heels, dry skin, and the cutting of thick toe nails as well as other treatments. We do not provide nail enhancements such as acrylic or gel nails. Actually, many seek our services because we have reversed damage caused by acrylic and gel methods. However, we do provide a gel alternative for those who want their polish to last longer than normal. We have also identified natural polishes that also last a long time and are absent of toxins that are typically found in most lacquers.

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Our nail care specialist have extensive training and are required to continue their education to stay on top off new products, trends, and services. In addition to other enrichment opportunities, DNNC provides an annual retreat to the Las Vegas Nail Expo each year for our nail techs to experience a nail care intensive that keeps all our nail techs well educated and informed. You never need to worry if a nail tech is qualified to provide a certain nail service. If for any reason, a license nail tech has not passed OUR rigid test to provide a particular treatment, the nail tech will not be able to offer that service. You will find this to be the case when booking an online appointment, only services a technician are qualified to perform can be selected for each manicurist.

Cancellation Policy | Private Parties | Mobile Service and More

When you make your appointment online, you are booking in real time. You will receive an email confirmation and you will then be all set to go. However, we do ask that you provide our salon with 24 hour notice if you can NOT make your appointment. We provide a very unique space for each client by reserving a room just for you. Once that room is booked, it will not be released to anyone else. If you do not inform us that you cannot keep your appointment, we cannot open that appointment up to anyone else resulting in a lost of revenue to our nail technicians. For this reason, you will be charged if we do not receive a 24 hour cancellation notice by phone. While we do not allow children unless they are receiving a service, we do allow mothers to bring their new babies and children that are breastfed. Our private rooms and toxic free environment make for a perfect place for new moms with their precious new bundles of joy. If you would like to book a room for 2 people, we have great accommodations for you to receive your service in the same room! Just book each appointment online separately and in the note section simply state that you would like to be in the same room. If you have more than 2 people who want to be in the same room, please call our salon for availability. Also call our salon if you would like to book a mobile appointment or a private party. Our private parties are great for birthdays, bridal showers, girls spa parties and more!